The manufacturer of Kate doll was: MyTwinn (No longer in business).   MyTwinn originally tailored its dolls to look like their owners.   There are variations of the Kate doll.


This Doll Nomenclature:   CONDITION: Excellent   


  EYE COLOR: Hazel Blue

  HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde

  HAIR STYLE: Long / Straight

  HEIGHT: 23 Inches



OTHER FEATURE:  Haircut Bangs, Pony Tail, Freckles
CLOTHING/ACCESSORIES:  Clothing included (as shown).  Pants:  Capri - Beige/w Butterflies, Blouse: Burgundy horizontal-stripes /w butterfly & flower monogram, Hair Ties:  (2 Bear ) , Shoes:  Buckle-Sandles - Wine.


SKU: D10006
  • Dolls, doll-clothing  and accessories, which are sold on this site are secondary (After -Market) ,  'used' products and  are sold 'as is'.    The dolls are considered to meet or exceed 'very good' condition.   Some dolls may contain, minor nicks , scratches and other blemishes associated with prudent wear and tear.   We do not provide any warranties for these doll products, clothes and accesories

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